Realms of Antiquity

Version History

Versioning is semantic with four parts:

Minor version changes are backwards-compatible with previous saved games. You can copy the saved game files between versions and continue play.
Major version changes require you to restart the game; saved game data will not be compatible.

Patch Instructions

  1. Unzip the archive into a new game folder.
  2. From your prior game folder, copy the SAV file into the Game/Data folder.
  3. From your prior game folder, copy the SG0 file into the Game/Data folder.
  4. From your prior game folder, copy the SG1 file into the Game/Data folder.
  5. From your prior game folder, copy the SG2 file into the Game/Data folder.
  6. From your prior game folder, copy the SG3 file into the Game/Data folder.

Date of Release Build Number Change List Notes
12-29-2020 1.0.001 N/A
  • Initial digital release
12-30-2020 1.1.002
  • Fixed the Scare spell, which was crashing the game.
1-2-2021 1.2.003
  • Fixed an issue where the screen goes weird during party creation but is otherwise stable. Only on hardware.
  • Fixed a transaction in the Craggy Fjords where an old woman would chastise you for having full backpacks even if you don't.
1-8-2021 1.3.004
  • Added missing FX for monsters consuming food or stealing money.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters standing on top of a disabled player were not targetable in melee.
  • Fixed a bug with examining ammunition with counts above 127.
  • Fixed a bug with broken road battlemaps containing invisible obstacles.
  • Made changes to large monster movement logic to improve tactics and reduce "just stands there" cases.
  • Fixed a transaction in the Whitecrown mountains when interacting with the griffin nest with a full backpack.
  • Several tile/monster mob fixes in the Black Pit. (Fix will only appear on new games.)
1-12-2021 1.4.005
  • Fixed the Azhdaha encounter so that you get its heads correctly
1-14-2021 1.5.006
  • Fixed a bug where party members who joined had permanent status ailments such as fear, poison, etc.
1-22-2021 1.6.007
  • Fixed a bug where on hardware the SAMS card retained combat data even after a crash/reset causing odd effects.
  • Fixed a hang/crash issue with monsters and invisibility.
  • Fixed an issue with the Merchant Prince not acknowledging visiting the Grootslang.
1-23-2021 1.7.008
  • Fixed an issue with the Chalice saying you have permission when you don't.
  • Blocked teleport effects in flooded mine and Grootslang's lair to prevent boat loss.
  • Fixed an errant bookcase that was outside the Shierrif's house in Bleyloch. (Fix will only appear on new games.)
1-24-2021 1.8.009
  • Fixed a regression bug that caused the game to crash when a character in combat had poison or regeneration on them.
1-28-2021 1.9.010
  • Fixed a bug with effects that caused experience loss or gain messing up player data for anyone not at the head of the party.
  • Fixed the chests in the hermit's hut of the Whitecrown mountains which looked like altars. (Fix will only appear on new games.)
1-28-2021 1.10.011
  • Fixed issue with experience gain after combat corrupting save files.
1-30-2021 1.11.012
  • Fixed an issue with the "give skill points" effect.
  • Fixed bugs with food, money, and experience roll-overs on the 16-bit edge occuring.
  • Added party effects (such as light) wearing off during combat. This is likely to make light sources run out noticeably faster.
  • Fixed a bug where the southern pass into the Blighted Woods still took you there even after lifting the curse.
  • Fixed the highlands map so it travels to the restored woods correctly via the south pass.
  • Commander Donn will now open the gates if asked about the woods after they have been restored.
  • Updated text so you are given proper directions to the glacier.
  • Fixed a bug denying access to the Aconite Tower if you knew the Word of Power. (But allowed access if you didn't!)
  • Updated Fire Fiends to "Blazing Fiends" and Frost Fiends to "Freezing Fiends".
  • Adjusted movement rate of Coffin Corpses.
2-2-2021 2.0.014
  • Fixed spell casting so while at maximum fatigue you can't cast spells in travel or combat, including healing spells.
  • Adjusted stealth to be less powerful; monsters still move randomly but with more aggressiveness.
  • Adjusted fatigue cost and power for several spells (Healing, mass spells and Arcane Bolt)
  • Added dialogue to Faressa and Sealgair to acknowlege the iron spike and tell you what to do.
  • Fixed a bug in the Whispering Ruins which created a square that produced garbled text and graphic glitches.
  • Fixed some spelling errors in the Volcano Fortress.
  • Fixed a script in the Volcano Fortress that excluded a line of text.
  • Added a teleporter to Prism Isle to return to the mainland.
  • Added a bridge in the Great Forest so the Mound IS accessible without a boat.
  • First major version change, not compatibile with prior build saves.
2-3-2021 2.1.015
  • Fixed issue with light counter not being decremented during combat.
  • Fixed elevation on Prism isle.
2-3-2021 2.2.016
  • Fixed a bug with being able to equip mismatched ranged weapons and ammo.
  • Fixed a regression with the Jinx and Scare spells that was fixed in build 002.
2-7-2021 2.3.017
  • Blocked the northern pass in the Blighted Woods; returning from that direction caused you to enter the Restored Woods.
  • Fixed a door in the Raider's Cave that had an unusually high lockpick requirement. (Fix will only appear on new games.)
  • Fixed a misplaced door in the Dark Tower dungeons. (Fix will only appear on new games.)
2-13-2021 2.4.018
  • Fixed an issue with the Voivode listing off your accomplishments causing a video buffer overrun and sprite garbage on the screen.
2-22-2021 3.0.019
  • Fixed the Immune trait on monster scans to be properly spaced.
  • Updated Perse d'Or Mul's description of where to find the Thieves Sanctuary.
  • Updated Commander Herzog's dialogue if he moves to Osthaven.
  • Added dialogue in Blighted Woods to indicate the northern pass is blocked.
  • Fixed issue with emerging into mountains leaving Fort Khazdul from east or west sides.
  • Fixed Padishah's conversation so that the Vizier disappears when executed.
  • Several transaction fixes due to misspelled commands not throwing errors during compilation.
  • Several typo fixes.
  • Second major version change, not compatibile with prior build saves.
2-24-2021 3.1.020
  • Fixed issues with boss monsters pouncing causing battlefield issues.
  • Fixed an issue where Perse was not in the Brewery for training opportunities after being released.
2-28-2021 3.2.021
  • Fixed a bug with monster traits not separated by a space on scan screen.
  • Fixed the stairs in the Golden Tower to come out at the correct location. (Fix will only appear on new games.)
  • Reduced the Killer Rabbit's hit points to prevent a display overflow.
  • Fixed an issue where the Jarl and Voivode will reward you for killing the heir without his head.
  • Several typo fixes.
3-7-2021 3.3.022
  • Fixed some dialogue issues with Magus Sealgair which was getting cut off at screen bottom.
  • Added a "press any key" prompt before displaying options that cut off dialogue on the screen bottom.
  • Fixed a guard in the Voivode's House to have correct dialogue.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters were spawning off map.
  • Fixed a flag so that the Sheriff of Saguaro Gulch responds correctly to current events.
  • Fixed plurals for a couple monsters.
  • Several typo fixes.
3-15-2021 3.4.023
  • Fixed some mismatched mob tiles to monster types. (Fix will only appear on new saves.)
  • Fixed some transactions which showed a blank screen prior to ending.
  • Changed the Ruined Priory map to remove the embankment which had no elevation data so it acted like a wall.
  • Updated monster AI so they check if a location spell targeting the center of the party hits anything.
  • Fixed Fensmouth so you can't use teleport magic to break a narrative block.
  • Removed secret pass into Jotnar lands. (Fix will only appear on new saves.)
  • Fixed the Jarl so you only can give the report to him once, and he does not take the imperial signet back. (Which allows you into the Jotnar lands.)
  • Several typo fixes.
3-21-2021 4.0.024
  • Fixed a game crash that occured if enemies attacked you while you stood on a door in Faecaistiel.
  • Fixed a bug with Scan not returning the correct special attacks at times.
  • Fixed a bug where exiting the Voivode's Hall in Osthaven sometimes brought you back to the wrong map.
  • Added extra dialogue for Tharon when you visit Fensmouth and the Sunken City.
  • Fixed mismatched mob tiles to monster types on several maps.
  • Fixed "Evil Orderly" to have the correct plural.
  • Total review of all in-game text to fix typos, grammar, and other issues.
  • Third major version change, not compatibile with prior build saves.
  • First release on the Steam platform.
3-24-2021 4.1.025
  • Updated interface so that characters who are confused, asleep or disabled can't use items or cast spells.
  • Fixed some mismatched door tiles in the Hospice.
  • Fixed some transactions where characters who aren't in your party make comments.
  • Several grammar fixes.
3-27-2021 4.2.026
  • Updated interface to do single line skips instead of double-line skips after each paragraph to fix text cut-off issues.
  • Several tile fixes in the Volcano Fortress. (Fixes will only appear on new saves.)
  • Fixed an elevation issue in the Volcano Fortress.
  • Fixed monster statistic screen to allow for traits, immunities and special attacks to display without overwrites.
  • Several grammar and text fixes.
3-30-2021 4.3.027
  • Fixed a crash bug with monsters casting area spells.
  • Updated to latest Classic99 emulator version, which preserves 4:3 aspect ratio in full-screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the ROAGAME disk image. (Only applicable for MAME users.)
4-3-2021 4.4.028
  • Corrected the Aconite Grimoire to have correct spell name for Corrosion.
  • Corrected the Amber Grimoire to have the Return spell listed.
  • Fixed several altars in the Volcano Fortress to not look like chests. (Will only appear on new saves.)
  • Updated an altar to do something rather than nothing when interacted with. (Will only appear on new saves.)
  • Updated monster tiles in Dark Tower 1st floor to match the encounter type. (Will only appear on new saves.)
  • Fixed pit trap tiles in the Dark Tower to not be visible. (Will only appear on new saves.)
  • Removed a secret wall in the Dark Tower that allowed a crucial encounter to be bypassed.
  • Grammar and typo corrections.
4-12-2021 4.5.029
  • Fixed a bug where the Reveal spell or sage identification reduced ammunition counts in inventory.
  • Updated the message in inventory mode when you try to use an item that requires you to be on the main travel display to "Only in travel mode!"
  • Updated Stealth so monsters have a more aggressive movement pattern that is more risky in close quarters.
  • Added a bit of gossip about the importance of Lore skill to one of the inns in the early part of the game.
  • Added some "secret" ways out of Czernos Castle for the unprepared. (Will only appear on new saves.)

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