Realms of Antiquity

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Digital Edition

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Everything you need to enjoy the game immediately!

This package includes:

Please note that Classic99 only runs in the Windows OS. Please see Running the Game for running in a different OS or a different emulator.

Game Box Version

Collector's Edition

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A beautiful tangible copy of the game, a real collector's item!

This package includes:

Shipping anywhere in the USA adds $5.00
Shipping to Canada adds $20.00
Other international shipping adds $25.00 minimum depending upon location

By default, the Collector's Edition does not include the game on physical media.

If you want cartridge labels or diskette labels (3 1/2" or 5 1/4") to apply to your own media, please include requests for them in your order!

If you want physical media included with your collector's edition, the following options are available: